Tess and James

by their mom, Erin

Sacred Childbirth with Reiki© transformed my birthing experience. I have experienced the two most extreme opposites of labor and delivery. The birth of my first child, Tess, was very traumatic. She was born a month after my husband’s parents were killed instantly in a car crash. I was in the hospital for high blood pressure, had a lot of swelling, and was very uncomfortable that month before giving birth. Before that month, the pregnancy had been very easy and comfortable so I know my trouble was directly related to the emotional stress I was undergoing. Tess was a week late. I was induced with her (which was not in my “plan”). I was in labor for 18 hours. I pushed for three hours before she was born. My epidural did not work so I was in tremendous pain. I was so scared and felt very out of control during delivery. When Tess finally emerged, the cord was wrapped around her neck. Thank God my doctor acted so quickly and was able to remove the cord and call for emergency assistance. Before I knew it, the room was filled up with strangers and they put Tess under oxygen and whisked her away to the NICU. I was petrified. My placenta did not come out naturally so after a half an hour, I had to have that physically removed. It was such a nightmare. I had no idea labor and delivery could be so terrifying. I was frightened for my baby and just longed to hold her. I finally was able to see Tess after a couple of hours and I nursed her and cried and cried. I was so relieved that she was safe and healthy.

When I was pregnant with James, I made a decision to not go through anything remotely like my past experience again. My intent for James’s birth was for it to be peaceful, natural, and without complications. My sister and I attended a holistic healing convention. I was drawn to Cori instantly. I saw her name was Cori and that she did Reiki and I knew immediately who she was. Cori trained my Aunt Laurie, who was like a second mother to me, in all the levels of Reiki. My aunt had recently passed away. I feel like she guided me to Cori so that I could create the birth I wanted to have with Tess but was unable to.

I was about 5 months pregnant at the time and knew this was exactly what I needed. Cori and I then met several times for Sacred Childbirth with Reiki©. She talked me through each session. She had me re-live my birth experience with Tess. It was strange at first and I thought I could tell the story with ease since I had so many times before to family and friends. However, this time it was different. The feelings that came over me were overwhelming. I felt a release of all the tension, anger, sadness, fear, and worry I was carrying with me for so long. I did not even realize that I had experienced all these feelings and realized that I felt guilty for feeling the way I did so I suppressed my emotions. I tried to focus on the elation, joy, and love I felt for having Tess but those other feelings were there and they needed to come out. The Reiki helped me let go and give my feelings up to God. We first worked on reliving the experience, then recreating it, then intending the new experience of the birth of my second child. During the last session, my sister who also does Reiki, was there because she was my planned support person during delivery. She and Cori worked together to determine how she could “coach” me and assist me through the birth. Cori helped me tremendously through the process. I knew in my heart that the birth of James would be different.

I began having contractions with James at 9pm on December 15, 2008. Cozy in my home, I was very peaceful and tried to rest. I felt so much more in touch with my body this time. I used visualization techniques Cori introduced me to and “reframed” the pain to “pressure.” I walked, stretched, and did Reiki on myself. Three hours later, settled into my room at the hospital, I was dilated to 7 cm with contractions very close. This experience was moving much quicker than the last! I felt like the baby was just bursting to join this world! I was focusing on my breathing and doing Reiki on myself to manage the pressure because it was becoming more frequent and more intense. I was told by the nurse that I needed to stay in the bed and in the same position due to the fetal monitor. This was very difficult for me. I felt like I could handle the pressure when I was able to move, stretch, and walk around. For this reason, I decided to ask for an epidural. The epidural provided relief and I felt more comfortable in the bed. At about 10 minutes to 8am, the doctor said it was time for me to push. I literally pushed three times which took just a few minutes, and the baby emerged. I heard his healthy, hearty cry and burst into tears.

I was shocked at the difference of this birthing experience. I felt no pain or emotional trauma. I was absolutely in heaven. I knew it was truly the Sacred Childbirth with Reiki© and setting my intention that made all the difference. James was a wonderful nurser right from the start. I was able to hold him immediately. I was well enough to talk on the phone after about five minutes and share the news with friends/family. I was AMAZED at the difference. It was mind boggling.

This experience was very empowering. It is incredible the power we have over our bodies and the way we experience pain/discomfort. I feel like I have so much more control over my health and my body. James is a joyful, content, relaxed baby. He is healthy-eats and sleeps well and has a very calm demeanor. James has a smile and a twinkle in his eye that could light up the world. He is my little angel.